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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

As we get to know each other, I want to share a little about myself. My heritage is West Indian. The Caribbean is the first place I called home before moving to the US. Way back when, I remember adjusting my gaze to the new, snowy New England landscape around the same time I was figuring out puberty. New hormones and unfamiliar territory; it was a bit of a collision course. Being a bit of an old soul, whose always nixed small talk for deep conversations, preferred calm natural spaces instead of those overdone, I sought new ways to self soothe and reset.

As a young child I had never been far from an open door that gave way to views of sunshine, palm and fruit trees or the beach shore where my mom would take me to play some days after school. I remember sinking my toes in the warm sand, and watching the sky turn colors as evening came. I remember helping my granny polish our wood floors, the scent was amazing and still inspires my work ethic, my love of hardwood and quality time.

I share these stories because as they have shaped who I am, your stories have shaped you also, a reminder of how affected we are by environment. When long days of cold both emotional and physical, replaced the warmth and endless sunshine I’d grown accustomed to in my earlier years, I found it difficult to recreate peace, joy. My bubble burst- as they do, with the experience of various losses and trials of life. Over time I recognized that only I could right my ship, using and recreating tools for self care along the way that have changed the way I live. I’m interested in hearing your stories, and collaborating with you to learn what you’d like to modify, keep, remove, or add to your life and home.

The reality is, we need to stop living in dark rooms. Caring for others and seeking to navigate difficult transitions while ignoring our own needs severely depletes us. Feeling around for a while is human, but we must also find our way to the light switch. Consider the difference in your emotional state when you sit engulfed in a dark room versus one brightened by natural light. The difference informs us of the opportunity to change our thoughts and heal from our environment, a space that is often a reflection of our functioning. Given the choice would you choose- cluttered, chaotic, dismal, cold OR organized, restful, bright, and warm? You do have a choice. Mindfulness is a thoughtful approach to living. As such our services are person centered and organic, completely based around you, and honoring your experience. I’m looking forward to our conversation and hearing your story.

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