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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

This has been a difficult year! Does it feel like every night your head hits the pillow, there's a sigh because getting back up to pry the contacts from your eyes doesn't seem worth the effort, and another filled with relief that you've made it through the day. A groundhog day of many- spent navigating, and questioning every challenge thrown your way. What will life look like in a few months? Will our savings take us through the next phase of uncertainty? How do I stay employed without safe classrooms or childcare? How can I make things more tolerable for my kids? Are they going to be okay? When will I stop feeling so lost? How do I make time to do it all? Is that really me reflected back in the mirror, and for 2020- can we just have a do over?

With the tumult of this year, and the multiple minipacks of peanut butter that keep arriving on our...ok my doorstep, we can be tempted to give in to the mindset that we have no control. We need to recognize this for what it is, an untruth. THIS is the time to PIVOT, with the world changing beneath our feet, NOW is the time for reinvention. As far as we can tell, the likelihood of things returning to the way they were, no longer exists.

In recent days I read an article about the Choluteca Bridge in Honduras. It was constructed as a mainstay to address the lack of access across its namesake river. When a natural disaster rerouted the long established waterway, the bridge remained intact, however, the landscape had changed, and now it goes nowhere. Sometimes we create for ourselves an expectation of the ideal, yet this viewpoint can ultimately limit our willingness to discover a necessary alternate route. When we're feeling stuck, the only way forward is to make a healthy investment, and to take a risk. While this may feel overwhelming given the climate, consider the outcome that becomes our reality when we stop growing, when we refuse to adapt to the change which surrounds us. At that point we become stagnant. Life in recent months has included the hardest set of circumstances many of us have ever encountered, yet, within it we have an opportunity to shift and create the best life, the best self possible, while reminding us of the gift of living.

There are varying messages on all sides. Yet there is one that makes sense- take care of yourself, while we also take care of each other. More than ever we need those elements to keep us sane, yes, but also to soothe our spirit and heal our hearts. Consider your motivations? Ask, what do I need to remove, modify, keep, or add to stay grounded, to find balance, to restore my joy? What does my soul need right now to find peace amidst distress? And how can I create this renewal, finding fulfillment in the rooms of my heart and the walls of my home. You matter, so let's make room for you. This is a good time to start talking, and most importantly to act. Starting now, begin, reset, restart, transform.

Make Time For Healing,


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