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Open the Door

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

The only doors that remain closed to you are the ones you choose not to open. I’m not referencing necessary Covid-19 guidelines we’ve all been experiencing, but instead the emotional barriers that stall our progress, place us off balance, prevent us from valuing self care, and limit our joy. Sometimes the efforts already made dampen our spirits and lead us to believe there’s nothing more, but there absolutely is!

With all the challenges and expectations, the demands facing you, it’s especially important to take some time for self reflection. Start with just three minutes where you have the opportunity for quiet. The gift of time is one we can't get back. Claim yours! What supports do you need to move forward and engage, reenergize your everyday? What do you need to remove, keep, modify, or add to your life? Decide. Take action, and open the door.

Make Time For Healing,


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