Mindful Home Interiors prioritizes your experience of home, provides you options for beautiful decor, and creates restful and soothing spaces that care for you.




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Improving our personal spaces and environment changes the way we feel, think, and live, creating new energy, while fostering   renewal.

All services offer value for you and begin with a Free Introductory Call, as well as an Initial Home Consultation to determine the best fit for you based on your goals for the Heal and Refresh, Transform and Renew, A La Carte, or Small Event Decor Services. 

Modify, Remove, Add, Keep? What things in your home fall into these categories?

The home decor process is straightforward.  We discuss your vision and preferences, and initial feedback is offered during consultation. Once you select your service, we confirm your project plan and establish your agreement. You're encouraged to share inspiration photos or concepts, and measurements, photos are taken of your space as needed.  For the Heal and Refresh/ Transform and Renew Services, you review space planning and selections for main furnishings. Decor sourcing and purchasing is completed, then installation is completed based on the service you've selected. 


At Mindful Home Interiors, designs are personal to you. Organic and biophilic elements such as plants, light, form, texture, and space are embraced. These elements are known to benefit our emotional and physical wellness by enhancing calm, productivity, and resilience, in addition to reducing your stress levels at home.

We're  a good fit  if:

  • You'd like cosmetic changes to enhance your space, i.e. new furnishings, accessories, paint, built ins.

  • You may have a few initial butterflies about making changes, or planning an event, but overall you're excited and ready to trust the design process (and me), knowing I have your best interest at heart to create a space you'll love.

  • You're willing to make timely decisions to keep your project on schedule. 

  • You're ready to enjoy the process, and commit the time and investment needed to support your decor plan and provide you a great result. 

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Client Home Consultation 


Establish Client Project Goals and Agreement 


Create Decor Concept and Space Planning  


Project Sourcing and Purchasing


Project  Installation