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Creating Calm Spaces That Care For You 

Welcome. I’m Latoya. I started Mindful Home Interiors to create an experience of transformation in the homes and lives of my clients. I partner with you to create a decor plan that supports your wellbeing.  I completely design and install all the elements for your new rooms or provide you with the design elements, concept, and information needed to confidently complete your space.  Your home transforms from a source of frustration you don't have the time and energy to tackle, to a welcoming safe haven you don't want to leave, and look forward to sharing with your loved ones.

As a Wellness based Certified Interior Decorator my focus is on creating an environment that cares for you. Based on my training also as a licensed therapist, I additionally integrate tools that strengthen your everyday well-being.

Research confirms the benefits of supportive spaces as promoting health. Visual appeal, optimal function, and biophilic design which includes natural elements in a space are all factors that decrease our stress levels, while also improving our mood and productivity.  Great interior design considers who we are and what we need to live well.  I love creating welcoming rooms that hold personal meaning for you, and best of all, invite you to rest. 


Whether you're a busy mom, a healthcare, education, or service professional- you need space to unwind and recharge. We can't be our best selves in spaces that clutter our view or our mind. I prioritize your vision and create calm spaces that care for you. I look forward to collaborating with you to redesign your home. 

I embrace a thoughtful approach to crafting spaces that resonate with your well-being. Core values drive every communication and design decision, supporting a personal, made for you experience, and a wonderful outcome you can trust.

Core Values

Kindness, integrity, and courtesy, always | Be present and authentic | Relationships are everything | Create a plan and take action to fulfill it | Help others identify what makes them happy | Live your best life right now | Give grace to yourself and others | Choose joy over perfection | Beauty can be found everywhere | Give back

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Ready to discuss your vision, bring to life your next project? I would love to chat with you. Reach out to schedule a complimentary 20-minute discovery call today.

*A percentage of revenue supports local nonprofit efforts including mental health, child and family welfare, education, and housing initiatives for underserved members of our community to preserve and promote personal dignity, well-being, and independence.

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