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          Calm spaces that care for you

The spaces we live in have a direct impact on our emotional and physical well-being, influencing our mood, productivity, and activity. Surrounding ourselves with soothing environments that bring a sense of nourishment is vital to our overall happiness, health, and experience of peace.


At Mindful Home Interiors, I offer a range of decorating services that streamline the completion process, reflect your story and enhance the way you live. Through careful attention and collaboration, I prioritize your decor goals and implement solutions that promote your joy and wellness, establish organized spaces with purpose, and emphasize comfort for you at home.

In person decor services are available within 20 miles of Wake Forest/Raleigh, NC.

Services beyond this area can often be provided for an additional travel fee.

Latoya is a very professional and thoughtful interior designer. She walked me through every step of the process, found out my needs and the feeling I wanted for each space. She also, delivered the space I wanted a week earlier than we originally planned, which was a plus and all within my budget.

— Ivory Chaney, Sanford, NC
Interior Decorating

Looking to enhance your well-being through a space that truly nurtures? The full-service decorating package is all about a home transformation for YOU. From start to finish, I carefully curate every detail and product, managing each aspect from design to installation to create a sanctuary environment that promotes wellness and peace of mind. I take care of the entire process seamlessly, so you can immerse yourself in a stress-free experience, focusing on what matters—your well-being.

Room Design
Concept Service

Revitalize your space with a personalized room design concept that promotes renewal. If you enjoy a hands-on approach with support, this package is ideal. I create your design based on details gathered about your vision and preferences, then provide you the specifics for purchasing each element, along with documented guidance and expert design insights to help you simply implement the plan on your own. Get ready to unwind and truly relax in a space that reflects your style and nourishes your soul, bringing a renewed sense of calm to your everyday life.

Decor & Furniture
Selection Service

Be reassured and confident about your decor choices! I assist you with in person selections of design materials, offering expert guidance to support your informed purchases and implementation. Your ideas and positive intentions are the foundation of a mindful space. Simplify and elevate your home decorating journey with this package. As your experienced decorator, I'll be by your side, guiding you in handpicking just the right elements for your home.


Hi. I’m Latoya Toller

I’m the Owner and creator at Mindful Home Interiors. As a Wellness based Certified Interior Decorator with a background as a Licensed Therapist, I prioritize creating calm living spaces that care for you now while also considering your future needs. I integrate wellness tools, biophilic design including natural light, texture and plants, soothing color palettes, and organization to transform the way you live by creating a foundation of well-being, one room at a time.

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