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My Reason Why

I grew up with a love for nature and family. I'm reminded of my early years in Grand Cayman. My favorite memories included going to the beach and watching the sunset with my mom after school, playing with my cousin in our favorite tree, and quality time with my grandmother. She spent time with me while also making sure I learned to respect and care for our home. Even many years later, I can still remember the citrus scent of the polish we used on our hardwood floors.

My background is in mental health. Having worked as a therapist for many years helping clients strengthen their wellbeing, I observed firsthand with my own experiences and my clients that unless we attend to our basic needs…wellbeing is a struggle. I recognized the importance of not only our mental spaces, but also our physical environments, and how that affects the way we live.

When we don’t feel we have a safe or comforting place to come home to, a place that represents us and cares for us, we can’t relax or find joy there. Consider even the way it feels to walk into a dark, lifeless space, versus the impact of a space that is bright and open. Creating calming spaces that care for you is the focus of Mindful Home Interiors, changing the way you live to improve your joy, your peace, your wellbeing.

I make cosmetic changes to improve the design and function of your home using furnishings and materials, like paint, built ins, and new lighting fixtures. I save clients time by knowing where to find resources often at lower prices that I then pass on to save money. I also have relationships with various trade professionals, such as carpenters, upholsterers, and tile showrooms that can be utilized based on the scope of the project. Ultimately, I listen to your vision for your home, and help you bring it to life.

Whether you’re just moving in and want to completely add décor to an empty space, you’re experiencing a new transition, like kids going off to college, the need for a new nursery, or you just want to update your living room and home office, I can make your plans real.

I also help with organization to clear, streamline, add storage, and ultimately create a system that supports maintaining a space that functions best for you. I’ve always found that if my spaces feel cluttered, my mind feels cluttered too, it’s harder to get things done, and to focus. Creating intentional and purposeful areas in our homes, helps us to feel more productive and relaxed.

Other services I provide include seasonal décor, décor for small events like dinner parties, or luncheons, even bridal showers. I also offer some flexible services in blocks of time that can be used for personal shopping, where I can make purchases of furnishings or materials for you, or help you make selections like backsplash tile or countertops.

For all services I take the time to meet with you and understand your needs. We discuss each step of the process so that it’s clear and you know what to expect from start to finish.

I chose the term mindful as part of my business name because mindfulness is really the practice of building awareness about our own needs and taking the steps necessary to meet them. This allows us to feel better, function better, and live better. It supports our wellness.

I use biophilic design with décor, which is basically including organic elements, things found in nature that are also known to improve our mood and decrease our stress, by bringing the outside in and using our senses to improve our experience.

The elements included are often plants, woven textures, wood, stone and pottery, even metals. They incorporate light tones that brighten and darker tones like woods and metals that add warmth and contrast. The greenery benefits us by removing toxins from the air and adding life to any room. I love creating spaces that care for you and welcome you home. I'd love to help you get started. Schedule a free Introductory call HERE.

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