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Tools for Creating a Mindful Home

Being mindful is based on the concept of building awareness of ourselves and others. Intentional observation of how we feel and think, who we are, and how we impact others can allow us to make choices that benefit wellbeing. Specific consideration to our environment and how we live at home benefits our physical and emotional health. Here are a few considerations that support creating restful and inviting spaces:

Purposeful lighting

Lighting is perhaps one of the most essential factors when creating room decor. Whether a space is absent of windows or filled with bright natural light can provide direction about how it will be best used. Rooms with windows and flooded with daytime sun are often preferable and sometimes offer a scenic view. Exposure to sunlight is associated with the release of a brain chemical, serotonin, that benefits our mood by enhancing calm, concentration, and lifting our spirits. Yet even without, or with limited natural light, our spaces are adaptable. With vision and a good plan, purposeful lighting can be added to almost any room using the reflective quality of mirrors, as well as recessed and hanging lights, or standing lamps. Good lighting is essential in a comfortable home. It meets important needs for your lifestyle during times of higher activity as well as quieter moments where dim or softer lighting can soothe and support your ability to relax and rest.


Color transforms rooms. Warm and rich tones can highlight, add mood, and make an oversized space feel cozy. Lighter tones like neutrals and white can remove the focus from the walls and evoke the feeling of having more space. Color allows us to create the energy we prefer for a space and is impactful on our emotions. As examples, tones of green and blue often emulate nature and are known to be restful and calming. Other tones, depending on their intensity, location of use, and your personal preference can also be attractive choices.

Natural elements and personal character

A room has personality and interest when it represents you and various textures and elements are used to furnish the space. All like materials can fall flat and create an artificial and unwelcoming feeling. To create life in a space, I love using plants to define and set the stage. They can also provide a healing and restorative quality. Many low maintenance options such as the peace lily add beauty, remove toxins to purify the air we breathe and naturally aid in reducing stress. When “building” a space, blending natural and woven materials, modern and vintage pieces, even pictures that capture your favorite memories, adds depth and character. Like our lives, personalized rooms created with different elements from different times tell a story: ours.

I’m so excited to help you tell your story at home! Contact me today to get started!


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