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Updated: Feb 3, 2021

The choices we make with design elements can tell so much of our story. Color, texture, form, light, and art all offer a peek inside. In much the way our lives are layered by experiences, our homes should also intimately speak to who we are. I’m a big fan of modern styling, but also vintage pieces, and pre Covid, rarely came across an estate sale or a thrift store I wasn’t into. Maybe you can relate to the joy of perusing tight, dusty...often musty aisles, seeking undiscovered treasure. There is something so enriching about discovering special pieces that were once a part of someone else’s life, now joining my own.

It might be the reason I get so much joy from seeing any item repurposed and find a new home. It’s now one of our family traditions to share and pass along the adorable little dresses worn by each of my daughters, to their various close and extended cousins. I love seeing the pictures of the same dresses on different little ones and imagining the varied adventures, how many happy and silly moments, how many ice cream spills, how many washes?

We are always in the process of becoming, sharing, growing, adding the old to the new, and finding our way back again. I find it important to build on these parts of ourselves emotionally, as a necessity for life and to physically create purposeful design for our spaces. This allows us to maintain a place for both the treasured memories and new adventures that make us whole. It seems that one without the other could feel incomplete.

While we may love a particular line of furniture, we might find that buying every piece from the same showroom feels somehow artificial. Curating meaningful pieces based on your passions and the stages of your life creates a warm and authentic environment that evokes a sense of history, a place of belonging, and welcomes you. Think back over your story, how do you want to continue to build it, how do you want it told?

Make Time For Healing,


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