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The Weight

The physical spaces we occupy, and our home in particular is a reflection of our inner selves. We can probably all relate to the pile of stuff that “appears” in the corner of the room when we get busy. It might be a stack of papers left unsorted on a desk, a pile of unfolded laundry- we’ve all been there.

At first it’s temporary, but the longer it sits there, the more time passes without addressing it, the bigger it grows. The same is true for our mental health. When we avoid tackling the clutter, resolving the hard things, they accumulate. It affects our mindset, and the way we see ourselves.

Maybe the issue is that sometimes we don’t know where to put things. You don’t have a place for it, maybe it’s someone else stuff you’ve held onto, or something you no longer want. Whatever it is, and whatever the reason we hold onto things we don’t have room for, over time it becomes baggage, unnecessary weight that impacts our functioning.

Visualize yourself lugging a heavy overstuffed trunk through an airport, trying to reach your next destination when all you really need for your trip is a back pack. You put the trunk down multiple times as you look ahead to your gate which seems far in the distance. You pick it up again. You notice yourself becoming frustrated. You question yourself, and think, “I’ve been carrying this trunk for a long time, on all my trips, I should be used to it’s weight by now.”

What if you could make the decision to put the trunk down for good? What if you recognized that as a frequent traveler the trunk was causing back pain, disappointment, stress, anxiety? What if the trunk represented missed opportunities, inaccurate messages of who you thought you were or what others assumed you would be? Would you put the trunk down?

The process of identifying meaning for ourselves can be a cathartic experience. You can decide what you need and what no longer serves a positive purpose in your mental and physical space. You can learn to trust yourself. The goal is not about achieving perfection, but finding purpose and creating your sense of wholeness.

Our wellness grows with awareness and care, and if we allow ourselves to progress even through the challenges, and often times our uncomfortable truths, our lives become more peaceful, honest.

Clarify your life. Create more room emotionally and at home for living well. Let’s work together to develop a plan for the rooms of your life. Schedule a free consultation here on the website,

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